When winter lingers and you are dreaming of Spring it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Planting seeds and watching them grow is restorative to the soul. It’s the promise of new life. And something every kid should experience.

Here in Colorado the snows keep coming long into Spring and seeing that fresh new grass in the window with the snow outside promises me that Spring is coming!

It’s such a simple project. Choose almost anything to plant your grass in. I used a couple of metal containers and just used a hammer and nail to put a few drainage holes in the bottom.

Buy some potting soil and grass seed and you are ready to go!

Fill pots to the top with potting soil and sprinkle in a generous amount of grass seed.
Spread it out and use your fingers to mix the seed in with the top layer of soil.

Water every day and watch it grow, Grow, GROW!

They are beautiful all by themselves, but go crazy if you want!

You can plant the grass in baskets if you use a liner, which you can also find at the garden store. It makes for a beautiful Easter basket!