It’s really such a simple thing to do….but something so easy to neglect.

Collecting and gathering photos of ancestors is such an important family project. 


**Find the family photos 

*Who has them? 

Do you know how often these end up at thrift stores? Or worse, in the garbage!

These photos are TREASURES!




**Put them on your walls.

It’s really such an easy thing to do. If they are hidden away in albums we don’t see them and get to know them. 


It might be fun to trade them out sometimes. 


We started a fun family activity a couple of years ago. When grandkids are over we have them each go and take a picture off the wall. Then we talk about their person.

And often discover we need to learn MORE about this person. 

Wouldn’t it be an amazing thing to look through your photos and to have your children know who they are?