Thanksgiving Dinner is a BIG DEAL! It’s all about sharing our delicious traditional food with family and friends. So the table MATTERS. Paper plates and plastic ware just don’t cut it. But real china and linens COST.

This is what I do.

Gather the BASICS

1.Table cloth or covering

I find beautiful table linens at Thrift Stores all the time. Just throw them in the wash and run an iron over them and they can look as good as new.

Here’s the one I found recently for $7.99!!! (This is long enough for my 12 foot table!)


Cloth napkins are THE BOMB and take your table to a whole new level. I bought these at TJ Maxx/Home Goods, a great place to search. Ross Dress for Less and Burlington are great too. It’s also worth searching online. I chose these because they are neutral and will work for Thanksgiving and Christmas. They come in sets of 12 for $10-$16.

3. Glassware  

Dollar Tree Baby!!! They have beautiful, sturdy goblets at the wonderful price of $1/each. Can’t beat that!

4. Plates

Did you hear me say Dollar Tree??? Look at these, they are perfect.

5. Flatware

I buy sets when I see a good deal, generally at the same stores. TJ Maxx/Home Goods, Ross, Burlington etc. Target and Walmart are good too.

Here’s the thing. I don’t worry too much about mixing sets. Nobody notices and if they do they will think it’s charming.

6. Centerpiece

During the feast the FOOD will be the centerpiece. So prior to dinner, I just grab something decorative I already have. UNLESS you want set up a buffet separate from the table and leave the centerpiece throughout dinner. The point is, don’t spend money on something special. Do a combo of gourds, pine cones and leaves. A candelabra always looks great. Or one large pumpkin surrounded by pine cones. Add some autumn plaid ribbon.


For the napkins I fold in half and do a simple roll and tie with a piece of ribbon. Add a leaf for fun.

Other ideas:

Table runners are fabulous and will dress up any table in a quick minute. I find them at Ross, Homegoods etc. You cannot have too many table runners.

Here’s a round tablecloth that I found at the thrift shop recently. It would look great centered over the long tablecloth.

Here’s another great find from the thrift shop.

Crocheted placemats! They are beautiful and can be used many ways. Lined up like a table runner or under plates.

Here’s another idea:

Cover table with butcher paper and tape underneath. And get out the sharpies!

Set your table, using a runner and centerpiece…..leave markers laying around for everyone to share what they are thankful for.



It makes a beautiful table and easy clean up!

BTW. I found these chargers at the Dollar Tree.

THE KEY IS: Be Creative! Go with what you find and have fun with it!