1. YOU CAN DO THIS! If you can run a sewing machine you can make your own stockings!

When my kids were little we weren’t that far past the time when we grabbed a sock from our drawer, and laid it on the couch for Santa to fill.

The only option at the store was the basic red fur stocking.

I wanted our stockings to be unique to each individual.

This was my first attempt.

I literally sewed those strips together  and cross stitched the cuffs. I thought they were very cute at the time. It was the 90s.

A few years later I had a brain storm. I really wanted them to be unique to each kid’s personality. So I bought different fabric for each. I bought tassels and bells and made fur balls.

This is a terrible pic of some of the original stockings.

As the family grew I added more stockings. And EVOLVED.

I now make them LARGER. Also, I started hanging special ornaments on each.

So here it is. Step by step.




               Sometimes I start with a fabric…..sometimes I start with an ornament.


I often steer towards upholstery fabric because of the weight and design. BUT you can use any cotton or flannel. Just avoid anything stretchy.

Keep in mind that there are 3 components.

  1. The boot
  2. The cuff
  3. The sparkle (ornament, tassels, bells etc.)

Sometimes fabrics jump out at me, other times I have a harder time. I can be useful to go browse the notions and trims to see if anything there inspires me.

Lay out combinations together until you see what you want. It’s a piece of Christmas Magic when it all comes together.



1/2 yard fabric, any width

1/2 yard batting, 1/4 inch thick

1/2 yard lining (muslin, cotton or lining fabric all work well)

1/4 yard fur or cuff fabric

1 Christmas ornament, non breakable

1 1/2 yards cording or twine



Use any fabric to make pattern. I have used an old sheet before, also Warm and Natural batting. This is just a piece of lining fabric.

I just free hand the pattern…..I added the measurements to give you a basic template.



Use pattern to cut out two pieces each of boot fabric, batting and lining.



Sew batting pieces to wrong side of stocking fabric, sewing close to edge.


Place two stocking pieces together, right sides in. Pin around edges.


Sew close to edges and trim after sewing. LEAVE TOP OPEN.

Trim edges.

Turn stocking right side out.



Sew lining right sides together leaving top open. Leave 5-6 inch gap at bottom of boot, securing seam at openings. Sew close to edges.




The ornament may come with long enough ribbon to attach and hang…..if not simply add a loop of ribbon or twine to attach. This will be hidden by the cuff or fur.


Hold up ornament with stocking before securing….as you can see it should hang in the lower center of the boot.


7. ATTACH FUR OR CUFF  **Specialty cuffs at bottom of page

For a fur cuff, cut a piece 18 1/2 x 4 inches.

NOTE: When cutting long fur, spread apart and just cut the fabric, not the fur. 

With longer fur, push to center on both sides before sewing together.

Fold together, right sides facing, sew side seam.

Match seam to side seam with ornament, pin and sew together.



Cut a 7 inch piece of cord or twine for loop. Pin on top of cuff above the ornament. Sew in place.




Pull lining over top of stocking through opening in bottom of boot. Make sure the toe of the lining is pointing the same way as the boot.

Pin and sew around top of stocking.



Pull lining straight out from top of boot.

Make a fold along each side of opening and pin together.

Sew opening together.


Push lining into stocking, pull up cuff, and sew top of lining to the body of the boot.


AND THERE IT IS! You have a beautiful stocking!




You can do any combination of fabric and trims for the cuff.