This is an easy fun project that will help you never miss a birthday!

My mom, Colleen Mott, did this for all ten of her kids every year for Christmas. She would have us choose a calendar online, then she would purchase them and place a picture of everyone family member on their birthday.

Here’s what happened:

1. It made everyone feel special!  All the “littles” are so excited to find their picture on their spot. And there is something about the visual of seeing your family members in their special place throughout the year.

2. It increases family “closeness”. A Birthday Calendar really helps “keep track” of everyone… babies, new in-laws etc. 

3. You don’t forget birthdays!  Nobody wants that!

Buy some calendars. Amazon has a great selection.

Gather everyone’s photo……ask them for photos, or just do what I do and snatch them off of social media.

Create a document with everyone’s photo…...I did mine 1 1/4 inch x 1 3/4 inch.

Print on Adhesive paper.  

Cut out the pics and stick them on the calendar!

                    *COLLEEN MOTT APPROVED