Alexis Rose, “What is your favorite season?”

Awards.” Moira Rose

Our family always had fun watching the Oscars together……It comes on during that dead time of year……the holidays are over, the Super Bowl has been played and we are all waiting around for Spring. AND, we love movies. We are a big, movie watching family!

We have had years when the girls would dress up in their prom dresses and we really set up for the occasion. Other years we do not do fancy dress, but we DO do fancy food!

We have never invited guests. We just do this with our family. Even if there are just a few of us around. Because IT IS FUN! This is one of Corinne’s favorite traditions, and has even raised her 5 boys to play along, and enjoy this fun event.


Everyone needs to vote! It always helps to have a special prize for the winner… gets everyone involved and any age can vote. One year we had a $100 Costco Prize for the winner. Click on this Ballot for our favorite to print one for everyone watching, Corinne’s younger boys mostly fill it out randomly. On the flip side her daughter does research before filling it out. She looks into all the documentaries, and short films before casting her vote.


Here are some links to some of our favorites for Oscar Night.

We love some good appetizers like…

Bruschetta Dip
Brie en Croute
Rhumaki – Bacon wrapped water chestnuts
Black Bean Salsa

We also love a few decadent sweet treats like…

Grasshopper Brownies
PBD’s *Polar Bear Droppings*
Creme Brulee


This may well be the most important activity of the night. Make your top ten lists and compare.

The good, the bad and the ugly.


Print off these fun BINGO CARDS which are especially fun if you have younger viewers enjoying the show with you.


This can be as big or little as you wish. Examples – The person who gets the most correct on their ballot doesn’t have to do the dishes this week, or gets a gift card, or movie passes.