Every year since I was little my mom has put together a Thanksgiving menu and sign up. All of us kids would help. I agree with my mom that it is NOT fun, nor does it feel like a holiday, to slave away in the kitchen by yourself for 2 days to prepare for a 20-minute meal! Get the family involved! Work together! Make it Fun! Then it feels like a Holiday, and not just like every other family dinner.

I’m the oldest, holding the redhead. This was right after we moved to Pennsylvania, before our two baby sisters were born.

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I have our menu and sign up mostly done for this year. Here it is!

Now you can print one too! Click below on the download, then you can edit and add type. Or just print it blank and use it as a worksheet.

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L-R Brooke, Me, Jackson, Paige helping to get ready for dinner.

After you download the file, you can print as it, then fill it in with a pen, or you can type in the fields before printing. I personally like my kids all writing their own names next to their menu items. I get out different colored pens and have them sign up. It adds more character.

Theo signed up for Corn Pudding & Banoffee Pie.
Bennett signed up for Cranberry Sauce, Brussels Sprouts and Pear Pie.
Harrison signed up for Pumpkin Mac & Cheese, Apple Pie and Apples and Toffee Dip.

I like to put mine on the fridge so I can refer to it as I am cooking. Whenever I am starting a new menu item, I yell for my helper to come join me. I have reached out to my siblings and daughter who are coming and put their names next to what they are bringing.

I even put older kids and adults in charge of some of the activities. For example, my sister Brooke is fantastic and collection Trivia questions for a fun Thanksgiving Trivia Game. My sister Bailey can bring some fun Thanksgiving coloring sheets with crayons and pencils. My 22-year-old daughter loves helping the little kids make Fruit Loop Necklaces. My 24-year-old son is in charge of the Gratitude Tree. The dads will organize a walk, or football game. Our family all live pretty close to each other for the most part. It really feels special and different when we all chip in like this to make it a fun day.

Comment below! Tell us what your traditions are. Let us know how we can help you plan.